Metin2 Hack for Free and Stable!

How To Get Free Metin2 Hack

Metin2 hack for VIPs are the best hacks you will find on the internet. Unlike Pub hacks, VIP hacks come with full CRC bypasses, which means they will never be detected. Also, VIP hacks have many features that usually aren’t available in Public hacks (metin2 exp hack, metin2 yang hack which are server side). Furthermore, VIP hacks are constantly updated, so after every game patch the hack will work 100%, and will be completely undetected, allowing you to hack to your hearts desire :)

The problem with these metin2 hack is that you need to pay for them, usually on a per-month basis. A lot of us, however, don’t have enough money to spend on metin2 hack, since we don’t have jobs. However, I have figured out a way to get free VIP hacks using Paypal even if you don’t have a credit card or bank account!

First of all, set up a Paypal account at Don’t worry, YOU DON’T HAVE TO VERIFY THE ACCOUNT to buy VIP hacks! Most VIP hack websites are perfectly fine with accepting money from unverified accounts. Now, we need to put some money into the Paypal account :)

Here are some survey websites (USA Only, for other countries scroll down, list is too big to put here!):
Sign up to one of these sites right away, to see what I’m talking about!

1. Survey Club
2. Inbox Dollars
3. Global Survey Group

What happens on these websites is you sign up and complete a couple of surveys, and for each survey you complete they will pay you from $5 to $15! A lot of these survey websites abide by the “1 minute, 1 dollar” rule. This means they try to tailor the survey payouts so that on average for each minute you spend filling out a survey, you will get 1 dollar! Think about it: That’s $60/hour! Some of these websites even give you bonus money just for signing up!

So, check out each of the survey websites and find out which one has the easiest surveys. Then, configure your account to receive payments via paypal (or checks or whatever you prefer and they let), and start filling out surveys! If you’re smart enough and fill out the surveys fast enough, in 20 minutes you should have enough money to buy multiple months of any VIP hack you want! Then, just hack away :)

By the way, the survey sites I posted are not just any survey sites. You just GOT to check out Survey Club using this link, they will give you a free 5 dollars to start with! On the other hand, Inbox Dollars will not only allow you to earn money via surveys, but playing games and surfing the web as well! So, take 30 seconds to sign up to one (or ALL!) of these sites:

1. Survey Club
2. Inbox Dollars
3. Global Survey Group

… and check out what they offer. Start earning cash and filling up your paypal account, and getting those Metin2 hack! :)

Now, a lot of these links only work for the US because people who publish surveys tend to stick to USA since they’re biggest consumers :) . If you are in a country outside of the US, here are some survey websites that let foreigners sign up:

Note: Awesome thing about survey websites outside of US is they pay out a lot more! For example German and Netherlands survey sites have 3 times higher payout sometimes than US survey sites! I don’t know why it’s this way, but I guess you’re lucky if you’re from those countries xD

Canadian Survey Club
SnapDollars Canada

United Kingdom Survey Club
SnapDollars UK

Australian Survey Club
SnapDollars Australia

MySurvey France

MySurvey Germany

MySurvey Italy

MySurvey Spain

Ispos Netherlands

If you don’t see your country listed here and still want to make money you absolutely HAVE to check out THIS game website with nice payouts. Make money while having fun! It’s one of the largest websites of its kind, paying out $11 million PER DAY. You gotta tap into that my friends ;)

The great thing about this system is that it pays you out in paypal money, and since you can get just about anything online with paypal… well, imagine the possibilities :)

Get out there and get those Metin2 hack guys!

Peace out guys, I hope this was helpful! And now I leave you with a little inspirational picture, my Paypal after only one day of work:

metin2 hack